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MrSharkey is back online!

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What’s this? Why does it look different? Where’s the page I requested?
All good questions. No good answers.
On March 1, 2013, a zealous network manager changed the configuration on the firewall connecting the MrSharkey.Com server to the internet. This was in response to an audit that showed my site residing on the network of a very large broadcast media corporation. None of this was particularly surprising to me, as I had known that my site was living on borrowed time. I had been riding on the coattails of this media giant for many years, and my eviction was simply their way of brushing me off.
Unfortunately, they weren’t very compassionate about the situation, and refused to allow me to make a final backup of the site database or download the last access logs. For all intents and purposes, the site was lost.
The longer the site stays down, the less hope that it will return in it’s familiar form.
If you have a strong desire to experience the old web site and it’s content, has a fairly recent snapshot of the pages from November 2, 2012. Dig around over there and you’ll probably find what you came here looking for.

The Net’s largest compendium of information relating to House Buses and House Trucks.

(Hey, everybody has to specialize in something !)

Some of Mr Sharkey’s content has been reproduced on this site, using LaTeX, which has then been converted to static HTML files. This content can be found by following the links below.
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